Sunday, March 05, 2006

Taking Insulin from a Diabetic Perspective

Taking Insulin from a Diabetic Perspective

I am diabetic and have been for over 12 years now. I was aware of having the disease when I was 13, and have managed my lifestyle ever since, including high school, university and work.

The Diabetic Diet is not the same for everyone. Some take pills and other take Insulin to control their sugar levels. I take Insulin.

I take a fast acting regular insulin for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while taking an NPH Novolin insulin prior to bed time. The regular fast acting insulin is great as it does its work within four hours and leaves your system. The NPH works over night and the tail end of it still works in the morning, allowing you complete coverage of your insulin intake and how it will control your sugar.

I will look to further explain this here on my blog, and explain what I eat in the morning, lunch and dinner, and how a change in the food contents requires a change in the insulin. This will be from my perspective, and consulting a doctor is advised to ensuring your insulin regimen is to your needs.

Just remember, the more you eat foods with higher content of sugar, will require extra units of insulin. If you eat less because you are not hungry, decrease the insulin intake or else the sugar will go low.

Michael Kralj
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