Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is a Diabetic Diet?

What is a diabetic diet?

A Diabetic Diet is a food plan designed for you that:

- Recommends the amount of food to eat
- Suggests how often and what time of day to eat
- Tries to maintain or achieve the best weight for you
- Allows you to eat foods you want to eat with a few exceptions

Some foods cause your blood sugar to rapidly increase because they have high concentration levels of sugar.

What to AVOID!

- Brown or White Sugar
- Iced Baked Goods
- Regular Soft Drinks
- Candy
- Jams / Jellies
- Regular Pudding Mixes

What to DO!

- Do not skip any meals or snacks
- Eat the quantity of food listed on your meal plan
- Measure / Weigh your foods to ensure accurate serving sizes are being taken

Michael Kralj
Diabetic Diet


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