Monday, May 29, 2006

Recovering from Low Blood Sugar Levels

Recovering from Low Blood Sugar Levels

When you sugar reaches a low level, you will feel the symptoms of hypoglycemia, as mentioned in my other post. When feeling a low, you need to take some kind of sugar to raise the levels. Some things you can take, and I normally take is a glass of juice or a few pieces of hard candy. Depending how severe the symptoms feel, I may take more or less. You have to remember, if you take to much, your sugar can go sky high.

Within 15 minutes or less of taking your sugar supplement, your blood sugar should raise itself up to a normal level. If you still feel the symptoms of low blood sugar, then take some more candy or juice to raise it up even more. Keep repeating until your sugar is normal.

You should always follow a low sugar with checking your blood sugar levels to ensure they are in tact and you do not require to take more sugar supplement.

Michael Kralj
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