Thursday, April 27, 2006

Diabetes Long Term Complications

Diabetes Long Term Complications

Learning of having Diabetes is hard, and you begin to wonder: What can happen to me in the long run if I don't manage my Sugar Levels properly? The main problems that exist are having complications with your eyes, your feet, sexual problems, in addition to others.

With having high sugar levels on average, you can loose vision in your eyes. This can take many many years before you notice it, however I have seen two personal cases of people neglecting their blood sugar levels and their vision has suffered. One person completely lost vision in their one eye, and the other has very poor vision. It is important to routinely check the condition of your eyes at an eye doctor. I have mine checked every year in August, and so far after 12 years of being a diabetic, I have no complications showing in my eyes. My sugar averages are generally from 7 - 8, which is a good reason as to why nothing is showing.

The problem occurring in Diabetics with their feet, is they loose sensitivity in them and often feel a tingling type feeling. I have not personally felt these symptoms, however this usually is more common to be seen once a person has become older in age.

There is much more to discuss about the long term complications, and in many ways it is affected by Diabetes and your general lifestyle. Keep the sugars in control, and keep the complications at bay!

Michael Kralj
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