Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Diabetes Diet: My Insulin Intake

Diabetes Diet: My Insulin Intake

I thought I would give some insight on my Insulin Intake in a normal work day.

I am normally up at 6 am, where I check my Blood Sugars. Depending on the range of sugars and the contents of my breakfast, I give about 8 - 14 units of Novolin R Insulin. I then eat my breakfast consisting usually of a cereal and fruit such as grapes.

At noon, I have my lunch. Prior to eating I again check my sugar levels. My lunch is pretty consistent being a sandwich and an apple, and I again give Novolin R, but about 8 - 10 units only.

Dinner time rolls around at about 5:45 pm after work. Here I give more insulin due to having a larger meal for dinner. My averages range from 16-20 units of Novolin R, depending on the food eaten.

Lastly, I give NPH long lasting insulin around 9 pm. I normally give on average 30 units of NPH, and my snack generally is a couple apples or two slices of bread or other snacks of that nature.

Again, these are my insulin requirements and what I give to keep my sugars in control. Remember to speak to your Diabetes Diet Doctor to see if this type of control is right for you, and to find the appropriate amount of insulin to give for your Diabetes diet.

Michael Kralj
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