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Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Whether you have Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, the management is different. I have type 1 diabetes, and am more familiar with that management but will share my knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes control as well.

Managing type 1 diabetes

- Injecting insulin via syringe or Insulin Pen so your body can use the sugar taken in and so you can control your own blood sugar levels
- Follow Doctor's advice about diet and exercise
- Close monitoring of your blood sugar levels. You can purchase blood-glucose monitor kits to test your sugar levels. They require a small drop of blood, that with a lancet you prick your finger and apply the blood to a test strip. It then gives you the reading to know if your high or low with your sugar, or just right. I currently use a One Touch machine for this. The supplies, especially the test strips are usually fairly expensive purchase, and a good drug plan will help cover these costs.
- Hemoglobin A1c test, which I get done about every 4-6 months, dependant on how good my control has been and according to my doctors recommendations. This measures your blood sugar control over from what I've been told, a three month period. It gives you an average to see if overall you are doing well.

We give insulin as Type 1 diabetics to mimick how our pancreas would normally make and release insulin to our bodies. We try to mimick the real flow of insulin from our pancreas, by use of the insulin syringe so our blood sugar levels are kept in tact and in a "normal" range.

Managing type 2 diabetes

- Use pills to help stimulate your bodys supply of insulin when needed to convert and use the sugar you have taken in
- Periodically needing insulin injections when the control of blood sugar levels cannot be done well enough with just taking a pill
- Controlling your diet and amount of exercise you do
- Monitoring sugar levels like a Type 1 Diabetic would with the home blood glucose monitoring kit.
- Getting a Hemoglobin A1c test like a Type 1 Diabetic to see how your control is over a period of time.

Type 2 Diabetics should always consult with a doctor to see what pills they need to use, or if they can control it through diet and exercise. Find out what works for you as every diabetics body is different.

Michael Kralj
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