Thursday, March 30, 2006

Insulin Equipment: The Novolin Pen

Insulin Equipment: The Novolin Pen

Here is a picture of the pen I use equipped and ready to give an insulin shot to a person with diabetes. Insulin is the critical factor in keeping you diabetes under control, and having your insulin pen ready is the first step in that process.

Here you see the components of the pen. The tube with the orange top is the actual vial of insulin. This goes in the upper black tube, which screws into the bottom half. Once you have the insulin vial in the pen, the needle shown screws on top of the orange vial, as illustrated above.

You then dial the number of units you require to keep your blood sugar at a steady level, and the critical part of administering insulin will be done. Look for illustrations of the steps of giving a needle soon to come.


Michael Kralj

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