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Diabetes and Driving

Diabetes and Driving

If you are diabetic, you should be extra careful while driving as your hypoglycemia can effect your driving performance. Your judgement, while having low blood sugar levels, will not be normal and can increase risk of an accident. If you more regularly do find you have low blood sugar levels, you should check prior to driving what your blood sugar is at.

I always carry some sort of sugar in my car when driving. My main candy I bring is lifesavers or skittles. Both these candies are easy to store in compartments in your vehicle within your reach. This way if you do notice your sugar levels may be coming to a low level, you can take a couple candies and see if it helps. If not then take a few more candies. If you still feel like your sugar levels are low, it is advised to pull over somewhere to check the blood sugar and ensure everything is alright.

Also, having high sugar levels can affect your judgement as it may cause you to seem confused. With confusion comes the increase risk of an accident. Ensure your sugar levels are in a suitable range before driving.

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