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1,800 Calorie Diabetic Diets

1,800 Calorie Diabetic Diets by Eddie Tobey

A diabetic diet differs from person to person for the simple reason that individual calorie requirements and general constitution vary from person to person. Amongst many such diabetic diets, there is the 1,800 calorie diabetic diet that restricts the food intake of the diabetic patient to 1,800 calories. Such restrictions are imposed in order to control the patient's blood sugar and cholesterol levels and also his body weight. However, more than this goal, what is sought to be brought about through this diet is a healthy eating habit.

In a 1,800 calorie diabetic diet, the breakfast should ideally consist of two slices of bread, a cup of skimmed milk, one serving of a fruit like a medium-sized banana or an orange, and a tablespoon of cheese. One can easily substitute the milk with a cup of unsweetened yogurt or the bread with pasta. This particular type of breakfast incorporates all the nutrients that a person can need. There's starch in the form of bread, fat in the form of cheese, and there's the protein from milk and the daily serving of fruit, which everybody needs as a source of vitamins.

At lunch, there should protein in the form perhaps two portions of turkey or chicken or some type of fish, or a portion of a poultry product and a portion of cheese. However, the meat, if taken, should be de-skinned and cooked with as little oil and condiments as possible. In fact, the healthiest way to have poultry is to have it roasted or baked. One can have half a cup of rice or pasta and any fruit during lunch. There should be a cup of fresh vegetables during lunch. The idea is to take all forms of nutrients at every major meal.

The afternoon snack should be something light on the stomach, such as a few crackers and a cup of milk or yogurt. One can also have half a cup of tea, but with a low-calorie sweetener instead of sugar. Sugar is not banned in diabetes, but it should be consumed in moderate quantities. And, it is always a good idea to substitute it with other forms of carbohydrates, such as yogurt, rice or cereal.

For dinner, there should be some protein like fish or meat, vegetables like a cup of carrots, beans or tomatoes, a fruit serving like pear or pineapple or an orange, a cup of rice or two rice cakes. One can have a cup of milk as the nightcap.

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