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Diabetes Diets

Diabetes Diets by Josh Riverside

Diabetes is a disorder of the body's sugar-absorption and utilization abilities, and hence the only possible way to bring sugar levels back to normal may be by avoiding sweets. But it is not necessary that you sacrifice your favorite dishes or sweets. If a balanced meal, specific for the person is planned, the sugar levels can be controlled. If such a diet is maintained on a regular basis it can even reverse the signs of diabetes. And it does not mean that the food has to be bitter or flavorless. There are many options to choose from, but the main idea is to choose the right food.

Do not think of this as a big task. With the help of a doctor or dietician the right meal plan can be arranged for you. And there is good news, because you will be choosing healthy food. Your overall health will be improved, protecting you from obesity, cancer, heart disease and hypertension. The various options that help you follow and keep up with your meal plan are the food guide pyramid, rating your plate, carbohydrate counting and exchanges lists. Any one of these will be suitable for you.

The other ways to be sure you maintain your diet is by keeping a diary and noting your daily food intake. Be consistent in your diet, and do not eat bad food on one day thinking you can compensate for it on another day; this will only weaken your plan.

For those who love sweets there is no reason to worry, as there are many healthy food options that are sweet. For example, a slice of fruit could be taken along with the meal. Also, you do not have to completely avoid sweets. Taking sweets in very small portions may help. You could also use sweeteners like honey, brown sugar, molasses and cane sugars. Reduced-calorie sweeteners like mannitol or sorbitol can also be taken as a substitute for normal sugar.

If all these points are followed on a regular basis you could start living a normal life even though you are diabetic.

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