Monday, June 12, 2006

How many Diabetes Meals in a Day?

How many Diabetes Meals in a Day?

My routine consists of a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snack. I routinely follow this 4 meals per day plan, and it works well for me. My blood sugar levels have remained in control this way, but please consult a doctor to see what is best for yourself.

Generally, you may hear that 6-8 small meals a day is the best way to have complete control of your sugar levels. This is to prevent high spikes in blood sugar levels, when you have a large meal all at once.

Ensure to include in your meals a source of protein and fat. Both help stabilize blood sugar levels over a period of time. Without including that in your meal, your levels will quickly spike up and then drop. This is why juice is always recommended when your sugar is low. Juice quickly spikes up the blood sugars and then will go down.

In conclusion, small meals is better for diabetics and everyone in general. Your health will thank you in the future for it.

Michael Kralj
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