Saturday, July 01, 2006

Diabetes Complications

Possible Diabetes Complications include:

Retinopathy - impairment or loss of vision to blood vessel damage in the eyes. The leading cause of adult blindness is Diabetes.

Neuropathy - Nerve damage causing serious problems. 40% - 50% of Diabetics are affected by this.

Nephropathy - Kidney disease due to blood vessel damage in the kidneys.

High Blood Pressure - a significant increase in High Blood pressure in Seniors with Diabetes is seen.

Cardiac Problems - Diabetic men have a two time increase in developing heart disease and stroke, while Diabetic women have a three to four time increase in developing Cardiac Problems.

Infections - Diabetics who do not control their diabetes well, have an increased chance of getting infections of the mouth, gums, urinary tract and lower limbs.

Impotence - 50% to 60% of Diabetic men are affected by this.

Pregnancy problems - 4% of Pregnant women develop gestational diabetes, and this causes an increased risk in the future for the mother and child to develop diabetes.

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